We’re a tiny operation here at Omata.

But that doesn’t stop us from keeping true to the values and vision I’ve had for Omata since Day 0, December 31, 2014.

It takes a particular kind of persistence and grit and perserverance to continue doing what we do with only two people around.

The value in this kind of gritty operation is that we’ve built a remarkably rich connection to our fans and customers. We care about them deeply and we enjoy the connections we’re able to establish.

Unlike most technical product companies, when something goes wrong with our product it hurts my heart. I want to do anything I can to make it work again. That sometimes means doing surgery-like repairs, rather than throwing things away.

This is ambitious. Building great, meaningful, compelling products and brands start with ambition, and high hopes.

Julian Bleecker

Founder of Near Future Laboratory & OMATA. Venice Beach, California. Does Design-Engineering for More Habitable Futures. omata.com nearfuturelaboratory.com

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